31 August 2008

Sunday Highlights

Brother Williams' opening prayer in sacrament meeting: "We thank the for the bounteous plums and apricots and apples and the generous neighbors who share them."

Bishop Holland's story about finding his wedding ring in Holland Park in London when he was on his knees praying that he would find it. The idea that the ring could only be seen from knee level reminded me of yoga and of the practical aspect of our religion, as in the physical acts of going to a special place to pray, take sacrament, to sing with a group, etc., has spiritual implications. Practice.

Sister Manchun Dodge's story about a severe depression she recently came out of told in testimony meeting today with a candor that is often lacking in such meetings. She said the two things that kept her from committing suicide were the thought that her husband would be burdened with funeral expenses and her son would have to tell people that her business went sour. I also appreciated her joke about Cymbalta.

Homemade rice pudding, cranberry walnut bread, Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

Sunday Lowlight:

Sitting in church on the first official day as a family of five. :'(

Primary kids make all their "s's" sound like snake sounds in singing time.

Other Highlights of the Week:

Cecily cleaning up her sorting teddy bears in kindegarten while Mrs. Whitaker played the clean-up tune on her keyboard.

Momo starting and maintaining a brief conversation in Spanish with Latino farmers at the Farmer's Market.

Daddy attends ska movies with the boys.

Mommy, Lula and Cecily watch starring Raven for Saturday night movie night.

Mommy finishes volume one of Emily Dickinson-inspired poems, tentatively called .

Lula and Meri create a line of homemade perfumes.

Grandma Beth has the kids up to her house not once, but twice this week. Grandma rocks.

Bonnie babysits for the Casplunds--Daddy and Mommy sit outside at Sammy's for a long, long time watching the sky.

Festival Latino Americano--tiny carnival rides, masked wrestlers, weeping mariachi singers, tons of Latin American food.

Hand stretched flour tortillas, handmade chicken tamales with green salsa, honey lavendar lemonade, shortbread chocolate chip cookies, yellow cherry tomatoes, and the first, best small apples of the season. Love the farmers' market. Love downtown Provo.

Lula does flag corp at Wasatch. Gets up and ready on her own. Makes her own lunch.

Sunday dinner tonight with Emily and Eliza. :'( No Eva, Ingy or Bam.:'(

Mommy gets a lot done.


Marni C. said...

Is it okay that I read this? I love it. I can't wait to see what writing comes. I am in my living room looking out the corner windows at the pale orange sky with purple-blue clouds and a mammoth willow in the foreground. Thanks for having E to dinner. I cried and cried at church today, and then taught a lesson that culminated in a group reading of Helaman 5, perhaps the most beautiful section of the whole B of M.

Christian said...

but of course!!! it was a total blast having eliza over. she sang for us and it was wonderful/adorable.