02 June 2009


I found this link on Bitten, and was taken aback by one of my least favorite things about school lunch in the US: styrofoam.  Notice that none of the other school lunches from outside the US are served on disposable dishes.  They even use metal chopsticks.  

What's wrong with us?

For the love of all that's holy, people, let's stop eating food out of styrofoam.  A) it's completely disgusting and B)what's so hard about cleaning and re-using dishes and C) paper containers work just as well as styrofoam (unless you're eating something you should really be sitting down at a table to eat, instead of, say, slurping down in your Jazzy at Silver City in Branson)?

Someone please tell me how this degradation has occurred.  And by the way, I do all of the dishes at our house, for three meals a day, so you can't use that excuse on me. (And for my taste, I would also ban plastic ware for use in food consumption as well, if I had dictatorial powers.  I just know it's wrong.  You can get really cheap, strong stoneware at IKEA for dolls and use it for your little ones.  They'll learn to eat more in a more civilized manner and more carefully with a breakable dish as opposed to an unbreakable one.)

For some reason this is making me really angry right now (might be PMS).  It might be that my kids' lunches in Utah are absolute rock-bottom nutritionally:  an anemic leaf of iceberg lettuce, a brown and wilted apple slice, maybe pizza, maybe a corn dog, maybe nachos, and of course the ubiquitous chocolate milk, which ends up being the most nutritious item offered.  It might be that the styrofoam is just staring me in the face right now as an indicator of how far we've fallen, how out of hand our values have become.

That's my self-righteous rant for the day.

p.s.--Bittman points out the awesome French lunch with mussels and an artichoke.  Now that's a school lunch I can get behind.


Teresa Blankmeyer Burke said...

You go girl!

My daughter just made the decision to boycott our summer tradition of once a week fresh cherry limeade because they serve it in styrofoam cups. (The whole tradition is ten+ years of walk to library, then limeade).

We've switched to horchata at the paleteria down the street - paper cups and (IMO) better choices. Mango and red chile paletas = yummy!

And don't even get me started on the slop they provide for school lunches here. It is criminal.

sarah said...

I just need to say, "Lara, I love you!"
Thank you for showing me that I'm not alone in my horror of what constitutes an acceptable container around these parts.

And Yes, plastic is going to kill us, slowly but surely.

And another-rant-topic-for-some-other-day: why do I need to consider driving to Park City with a car full of breakables to recycle GLASS?

toast said...

Teri--what a cool girl you have, and the horchata sounds like a groovier choice anyway
Sarah--love you too, love that you even consider driving to park city with your glass. we need to do something about that!