04 June 2009


I'm already bored with this week, so I'm thinking about next week:  what to buy at the market, what to cook, what to plant, what to write, etc.  I suppose I could start next week right now, but I'm not very good at rearranging my plans.  Here are some ideas for dinner next week, and as always, there's nothing I love more than hearing what other people are making for dinner (and in my case, in honor of summer, random snacks, desserts, appetizers, and small dishes that may or may not make for a well-rounded meal).

*Chicken Cabbage Rice Salad with Chinese Greens
*Patrick Barber's Bistro Style Tuna Noodle Casserole via Facebook
*Lula's B-day Dinner:  Homemade Fettucine with Alfredo, Garlic Bread, Cucumbers with dip (her menu)
*Bruschetta with the new rye-ish bread I've been making  (have you heard that rye makes you skinny?)
*Homemade Ricotta with Cherries
*Spaghetti Frittata (with leftover spaghetti, repeat from last week because it was a ginormous hit, both the original spaghetti and the frittata.)

Tell me what you're making so I can be jealous.


mirjam said...

Your menus are a bit intimidating. I made the kids noodles with olive oil and herbs for lunch. A total lazy mom lunch. But a lot of the time that's all I can manage, especially when Ethan is out of town... Your menu is beautiful and balanced and in my world ambitious.

shaunita said...

This week I made swiss chard frittata, peach pie with frozen peaches (i'm excited for this year's peaches to ripen), quesadillas with spinach, olives and feta (an experiment--next time I will press the spinach more so the result is less soggy, and add mozarella so the quesadilla will stick together), and broiled salmon with orange-dijon glaze served with kale. I love the farmers market. it's forcing me to find menus around freshly grown food.

kendall said...

I told Taylor to take our renters to the farmers market this week. She was dying for some decent produce and inspiration. Everything on your menu sounds great. Want to trade meals again? Kindra

eliza.e.campbell said...

Just had . . . tomatoes w/organic basil, coleslaw made w/vegenaise, organic red potatoes w/olive oil, rosemary, and salt, and pan-fried toasted cheese. And Eliza's crazy bean puree w/many spices and organic carrots for dipping. We got our organic food delivery this week. xoxoxo

Oh, and Eliza and I just did really hard judgmental yoga.

(Marni under Eliza's login)

toast said...

mirijam--noodles with herbs sounds delish, and i'm intimidated by how beautiful and clean your house is.
shaunita, you're a kitchen diva
marni--those red potatoes are haunting me now.



Teresa Blankmeyer Burke said...

Today was a day when nothing on my To Do list got crossed off, but I chipped away at almost everything. (And I spent a good half hour looking for my favorite apron, which got moved off the chair when the sofa delivery guys showed up with the used/recycled sofa).

So I made my easiest dinner - penne with zucchini and goat cheese and a green salad.

Last night was brown lentil salad with feta cheese and fresh pita bread (I picked it up at the bakery down the street- fresh from the oven).

Two nights ago was Ruth Reichl's spaghetti carbonara recipe (from Garlic and Sapphires). Plus Jicama/cucumber/tomato salad with a little yogurt.

Three nights ago was Austin's night to cook - local bison burgers w/ sauteed mushrooms and swiss cheese and (optional) avocado that was not so local, plus grapes and cherries and Mexican mangoes for dessert. I give the kids a bit more leeway than I do myself re: buying local.

Tomorrow and the next few days will depend on what looks good at the grower's market.

lara said...

Teri, I can't believe Austin is cooking dinner now! Whoa! Your menus sound amazing.

Alice Dubiel said...

I'm not going to tell you about the Korean/Hawaiian tack truck I'm following on Twitter waiting for it to start rolling. Nor about the banchan in my fridge. You deserve to be commended for practicality AND imagination in these meus.

lara said...

Alice, I had a Korean taco last week for the first time! I wouldn't have known to even look for such a thing were it not for you; it must be a major phenomenon if we have a taco stand here doing it.