24 June 2009

lula's birthday

Post blow-out

All ablaze, foreshadowing the unsupervised fireworks that took place in the cul-de-sac moments later.
Cake by Mom, prettiness by Eva

Last night I had twenty screaming 11 year-olds at the house for Lula's birthday party. Today I'm lying on the couch an exhausted quivering jelly. I'm all partied out, as you can see from the last few posts. We're hosting a Locust Salon at our house on Saturday night and then that's it. No more entertaining until fall, I swear.


Bingy said...

What? What??! Why not, I love entertaining!

Luisa said...

I'm hungry again. That cake looks AWESOME!

Twenty screaming 11-year-olds? You are a brave, good woman.