23 May 2009

spring hunt

So lately our Saturdays consist of a series of grocery errands that the kids think are incredibly fun:  today we went to Chao's, the Provo Farmer's Market, and Macey's, and now I'm super excited about my cooking for the week and Christian's excited about the chopsticks made of various materials (metal, plastic, bamboo) that he'll use for making awesome noises on his viola.  Here are a few of the highlights:

*bok choy
*chinese chives
*massaman curry paste
*new crop rice
*assorted chopsticks

Farmer's Market
*clifford eggs
*artesian well-grown watercress from zoe's
*korean taco

*games, prizes, and 50 cent hot dogs for the kids
*king arthur flour on sale!
*kosher pickles on sale!
*happy, happy nice workers

So, some menus for next week:

*tofu spring rolls
*poached eggs with polenta triangles and asparagus
*london broil
*massaman coconut vegetable curry
*spaghetti with veggie marinara
*hawaiian haystacks
*orange rolls

Also, with Eva's inspiration, I'm going to attempt Andi's beer bread and a sour dough starter.



Marni C. said...

Can I come over?


Janell said...

Let me know how the sourdough starer goes. I have looked at a few different recipes for starter but haven't tried any yet.