31 May 2009


I'm scaling back for the summer on menus and having items a la carte only.  I might not serve two vegetables at every meal, or I might serve only vegetables.  We'll see.  I will be making items that I love and am excited about and won't be worrying about how they fit into the grander scheme of things.  So here's a list from this weekend and for the coming week:

*coconut cream pie
*fried potatoes and onions
*spaghetti frittata (my kids loved this more than almost anything I've ever cooked, and dubbed it spagetti pizza)
*polenta topped with seared zucchini
*rye bread
*pizza topped with arugula and homemade ricotta
*vietnamese style noodle salad with eggrolls

I want to hear what everyone else is making.

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Marni C. said...

tonight, the classic: roasted yams, onions, yukon gold potatoes, and carrots; spinach salad w/homemade Russian dressing (made w/vegenaise); baguette.

I have been loving salad lately, and Eliza is making smoothies with spinach leaves swirled in. Oh, and I made a "sushi salad": spinach, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, white rice, edamame, sesame vinagrette.

Wish I were there for coconut cream pie . . .