02 May 2009

may to-do

All through April I worked on March's to-do list, and the good news is that I finished my book proposal!  The bad news is that I haven't planted my vegetable garden yet, but I will, O believe me I will!  So here's the list:

*Revise book proposal
*Send book proposal to agents
*Draaaag myself to Hope of America. . . .
*Return library books (I should just become a library donor with all the fees I pay)
*Get compost from city
*Fix blender, or find my waranty, or take it to the Mending Shack, which is one of my favorite places in Provo
*Plant seeds!
*Wash and vacuum car
*Re-enter poems from Alburnum (still have hard copy--electronic copy on stolen laptop)
*Clean back porch
*Buy camera cord
*Fix cell phone, or transfer sim card to old phone, or send a stink bomb to the Sony Ericsson people 
*Get Eva's room ready for home from college summer
*Organize bag closet
*Back yard clean up
*Provo Farmer's Market!
*Yoga 3 X a week!
*Walk every day!

What's on your list for May?

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Eva said...

I'm so excited!!!