31 May 2009

june to-do list

Some new, mostly leftover from May:

*finish planting garden

*update resume

*write book reviews for the Provo City Library's Adult Summer Reading Program (did you know they had this?)

*read Mormon Sisters for bookclub (the venerable Claudia Bushman, editor of the volume, will be there in person to talk about it--I'm so psyched because she's one of my heros)

*summer reading with kids

*sign up for swimming lessons

*appointment with ENT in Salt Lake

*appointment with pediatric dermatologist in Salt Lake

*Christian's Trombone 4-tet concert

*sign up for netflix and watch some good (as opposed to trashy) movies

*read at least one good (as opposed to trashy) novle

*finish revision on book proposal

*send to agent who asked for it ten days ago and hope she still remembers me

*revise Alburnum manuscript

*finish compiling Gentian manuscript

*try to find pink desert trailer manuscript that I lost in 2002 when we moved here from Oklahoma

*as always, yoga 3X a week, walking five days a week

*become better at baking bread

*become better at baking pies

*Lula's b-day

*20th wedding anniversary


Erika Gunn said...

The Bushmans are in our ward. They are pretty amazing. I will be sad to see them go back to NY!

Writermama said...

i have many questions. FIRST, WHAT is this book proposal. Second, what are the Bushmans doing in Utah? Third, when will I see you again?

toast said...

Book proposal=food book/memoir type thing. The Bushman's come here every summer. They've been in Pasadena, but Erika says they're coming back to NY. I don't have a NY trip planned at the moment, but need one soon. I'm sad you don't make it to UT anymore! Perhaps we need a writing retreat somewhere. . . .