20 April 2009

poached egg

A poached egg is really the most delightful food in the world.  I love a bite of firm white dipped into the yolk, love to salt each spoonful individually so as to get the flavoring exact, but here's the thing:  I want my poached egg to be round and smooth, firm with just enough runny yolk in the middle, but I'm not so good a poaching an egg--mine come out with the white dispersed or frilled, the yolk too runny or too firm.   

I'm looking for the perfect method.  Anyone?


Marni C. said...

I don't know about the end result of the process, necessarily, but I got tired of scraping that tough, eggy residue from the bottoms of pots. So my secret for poached eggs is to start by melting just a little butter in the little cast iron pan we have, and only then adding the water to boil. Makes clean-up a breeze.

-greg (writing through marni's account, too lazy to move over to my own)

toast said...

ooooh--love this idea! thanks greg!