27 April 2009

menu forecast

Here's what I want to cook this week:

M Chicken & Black Bean Chilli

T Red Lentil and Butternut Dal with Cucumber Raita

W Mushroom and Sirloin Stroganoff

TH Baked Campanelle with Tomato Cream Sauce (last of Summer '08 frozen tomatoes!)

F Lula Cooks! C & L have dinner date.

Sa Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Su Waiting for inspiration--what to make for a dinner party, six adults and seven kids. Feel free to post your ideas!


Alice Dubiel said...

dinner party suggestions:
soup course: chiffonade, shredded lettuce with hot stock poured over at last minute (per bowl or into soup tureen if you have it)
main: crepe cake from Julia Child, MTAFC, has mushrooms, cream cheese layers alternating with spinach in mornay sauce. easy to make ahead

toast said...

I knew you'd come up w/ something I'd never think of. what kind of chiffonade? stock?

Johnna said...

not on topic, but "mother locust vows to make the blog look pretty someday"??!!!

This is the best-looking blog I've seen in weeks. Wow!! Fabu!!

I'm so not making an effort in the kitchen these days. I had a potluck housewarming party this weekend. My husband threw in a frozen lasagna. I made a bucket of saffron rice and some indian tomato curry. With seven kids coming over, I'd probably fold to fear and put out taco/salad bar.

Christian said...

oops--need to change that, johnna--that was before the blog got pretty. tomato curry sounds good--what's in it?