19 April 2009

It's been awhile.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Here is what happened:
1: Went to Lübeck. Had chaperone crush. Learned about Europe. Befriended Slovakians, avoided neo-Nazis. Decided to be myself.
2: Went to Italy, about which I will say slightly more:
I was staying with three of the Jacobies right by Florence. We took exciting day trips to San Gimignano, where we climbed a big huge tower and pranced through meadows of daisies, and Siena, which has a wonderful and big church designed by Bernini, aka my favorite artist. Also, the center square was voted the best in Italy. It was really good. I drank from the Fountain of Joy and bought an orange bra.
In Florence We visited lots of art: The Birth of Venus and David of course, a whole exhibit of Bernini's, and a lot of other things. For Easter Kendall and I both searched and received enormous chocolate eggs-- the Easter Bunny, looking to test my limits of uncouthness, hid mine in Wade and Kindra's closet, but in the end Kendall found mine and I found hers (in the dryer). In Florence every year a cart full of fireworks (pulled by four white oxen with flower hats) is exploded in the center square at noon. It was pretty killer, except for the enormous crowd. I saw over them by standing on a pole (really, on top of it-- I haven't balanced on such a small point since the circus troupe days)I was wearing a skirt and angel wings, but I decided getting a proper view was more important than dignity.
New discovery: wisteria. It smells so good. Mom, you should plant some asap.


mimiwings06 said...

oh ingrid. your life sounds so magical. orange bras! white oxen! wings! skirts! giant chocolate eggs! jacobies! thank you for posting.

Boyd said...

Oh that sounds fantastic!
also does this possibly mean... regular internet access? (play the them from "the Twilight zone")

kendall said...

We adored having Ingrid here last week. Her angel wings and cherub cheeks parted the way, opened doors, and kept cameras clicking. When she left our 8 sunny days ended and left us with rain and a little emptiness. See you soon Ingy. Jacobies