17 April 2009

cooking fast broken

I broke my ten-day no-cooking streak yesterday by making the following:

*mini-quiches (ham, artichoke heart, asparagus, swiss cheese) in cupcake tins

*oven-baked sweet potato fries (wanted to put tamarind paste in the fry sauce, but alas had none in the pantry)

*vegetable tray w/lightly steamed and raw vegetables: broccoli rabe, asparagus, yellow peppers, jicama,  and purple fingerling potatoes with an red pepper hummous dip

*today will make pasta w/ leftover broccoli rabe and potatoes


Marni C. said...

I love how the title of this post is like a poem.

Janell said...

So when can I come over for dinner? Your fast breaking sounds great and I would love the mini quiche recipe if you will share it.