02 April 2008


So, I have seen a great deal less productivity in my life in the past week, vs the week before that in which I studied for 4 hours each night. I actually enjoyed that lifestyle, but am not sure about how to start it up again.
I guess I'll just have to buckle down.
I am almost finished with my host family application. All I have left is a letter to my host family and a few photos, and then I'll send it in. I really just am not sure what to say to them though. What do I want my host family to know about me?
Enchanted has not ceased to stop playing in our household since we got it. But I haven't gotten terribly sick of it yet, so hopefully I won't go insane for another little bit.
I gave a presentation in YW tonight about Turkey, which I thought went well, but perhaps was boring. I never know with these things.
I've stopped growing. I will remain 5'2" and 1/4 for the rest of my life.
But that's not a big problem for me. I don't really care much.

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The Fam said...

Your host family just needs to know that you ROCK. And you have yellow hair.