02 April 2008

Cold Sores

I have been ill for the last two days, and am still recovering. I am going to get in the habit of posting every day things like this because soon (with any luck) you guys will not even know about them otherwise. The college sitch is thus:
Reed: Wait-listed--i.e. didn't get in, but nice try.
Barnard: Got in!!! Just need to find a spare 10 thou to make tuition next year...
UW: Same, but not a'tall worth it.
Westminster: Got in, would pay approx. 5,000 yearly for room + board.
ASU: We'll see, but if I get in, I'll graduate scot-free.
NYU: Rejected!
New School: Accepted! but even more expensive than Barnard...
Have not made much progress on my creative portfolio; have made relatively much more progress on the cook book.
I just got a new AP English Teacher (Diane Monson is what I call her, out of habit, we're supposed to call her Mrs. Monson, as opposed to every other teacher at our school with whom we are on first-name basis). She is kind of a hard ass, which I like normally, but I am both the most apathetic and the busiest I have ever been in my life, so it is sort of the wrong time for me. However, she is a phenomenal writer, and she has been giving me some good input on some of my writing, which I appreciate, and the workload for the class is actually quite bearable.
I'll post pictures of my portfolio thus far this week end (if I have time--I am working 4-close thurs-fri, and then 3-close sat).
Love you guys,

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The Fam said...

love you--thanks for posting. can't wait to see your new chapters.