23 March 2008

Oh hey!

It is an excellent Easter Sunday-- sunny and warm. We had some lovely talks in church from the bishopric.
So, I got home from Turkey yesterday (which was awesome. Best month of my life). I will tell you all about it later when I am less jet-lagged.
Here are some exciting prospects for me in the near future:
1: Pants-Off Dance-Off! Me and Mackenzie are going for a whole month without wearing pants (including during sleep and at the gym. I'm really excited about it.
2: Spoon Foods and Movies: I'm going to have a party where we eat spoon foods (mashed potatoes, cereal, ice cream, sauces, peanut butter, gravies, brownie batter and cookie dough) and watch really good movies. Perhaps all Disney? I'm not sure.
3: Daddy's birthday! He's turning 30.
4: A few environmental items: I am saying so long to the dryer and the hot shower. I don't need them. Also, March 29 at 8:00 pm is earth hour, and everybody needs to turn their lights off for an hour.
5: I think I'm going to dye my hair.
Right now Moses and Cecily are outside watering some flowers (I had to teach them how to share the watering can) and I'm realizing how much I missed being a pseudomama to them. Mom got me a lovely Easter dress, and the wardies (who I bet missed me more than they let on) all loved it. I love the warm weather, and am excited to increase the amount of sundresses that I wear.
And I'm gonna start cleaning the kitchen again. Awesome.

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Bingy said...

yay ingy! i can't wait to read many more of your posts!