23 February 2010

cardiothoracic & publicity shot

A new poem in Free Verse.  Don't be too grossed out.  I sometimes write poems about pretty things, though I happen to think that veins and needles and organs are really beautiful.  After finishing two books about trees and flowers, I just completed a little chapbook about surgery, diagnosis, doctors, patients and the weirdness of healing/treating/ministering.

My student Caitlin, a talented photographer, took some photos of me yesterday for my book cover.  Here's one of them.  I think it's the coolest one, but not the one I'll use for the book.  My students liked the ones where I looked happy the best.



writermama said...

Lara, you look absolutely gorgeous!

Julie said...

Looking forward to the book. Fun photo shoot!

Marni C. said...

Love you!

eliza.e.campbell said...

Love the poem. You are superior to KJ in pretty much everything - it's just that she really, really articulately shot down a silly classmate of mine today and I was kind of enthused. Other than that though, you are the boss.

lara said...

Just checking that I'm still legit in your book, Liza.

I think highly of KJ's work and teaching, and like that BYU hired her. I hope she'll be a good mentor for you.


shaunita said...