14 August 2009

darling blog,

I missed you whilst in Seattle and whilst being too hot and covered in children to really write you. And I got a little freaked out about posting pictures because, you see, everyone else's blogs have beautiful pictures and mine is so text-heavy. Because the shape of letters is so beautiful and, though they take so much longer to decode than picture images, have so many more layers to them. The pictures readers make from the words they read in their own minds are so much more varied and mysterious. I guess that's what I'm after. Mystery. Like film noir--so much is off-screen.

So picture this, from Seattle:

*Eva's Curryish Rubbed Roast
*Alice's Roast Pork Braised in Cherry Juice
*Chard Frittatta made with Farm Box Produce
*Pizzettas topped with Wild Mushrooms or Baby Zucchinis or New Potatoes
*Alice and Jim's Salmon, maybe doused in Pernod? with Fresh Sage
*Dick's Deluxe Burger
*Alice's Chocolate Cake (from Chez Panisse Desserts?) featuring Ground Almonds
*Molly Moos' Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream
*Lara's Mashed Potatoes, Made the Way Jim and Robin Like Them: 8 lbs. Potatoes to TWO sticks of butter, Hand Mashed (I don't think I left enough lumps in)
*Alice's Korean Pancakes with Dipping Sauce

Add the smell of brine from the sound, or the smell of misty Seattle and the layered beauty of that town--all hillocks and nooks and crannies and ocean, lake, mountain, concrete, neon, tree, and boat mashed and crashed together--


Writermama said...

you're such a great writer.

Marni C. said...

I love your poem at the end!

Alice Dubiel said...

Chock cake indeed from Chez P Desserts; Salmon sans pernod, but here's what I did with leftovers:
just posted salmon jun description/process on http://tinyurl.com/m8rwz8 thanks @cooklocal for their salmon pie
They froze well.
Danger zone--Molly Moos' salted caramel ice cream is going to kill me: dairy + salt. Needs to be cut with something other than chock.Any ideas?
Love the evocative end: your writing is always filled with devotion, as the olgae rice man says.

Mark A. said...

Did you try the salty caramel ice cream at Molly's? The salty fighting sweet is like a perpetual motion mouth machine.

emily said...

cut the salty caramel ice cream with crispy meringues. i had a thing like this once in a french person's house and almost died.