12 July 2009

scalloped cabbage

So Marni told me about a new recipe on Pioneer Woman called scalloped cabbage wherein you open a can of cream of chicken soup (I'm substituting cream of celery so Ingy the vegetarian can eat it), a big jar of cheez-whiz, chop up a jalepeno, mix it all together, pour it over wedges of par-boiled cabbage and bake it until it bubbles. I'm sitting here blogging as the cabbage boils, mulling over my first ever purchase of a 15 oz. jar of cheez-whiz (that's the big size).



So I overcooked the cabbage. Instead of par-boiled cabbage, we have boiled cabbage. Instead of wedges, we have leaves. I also added a cup of sharp cheddar, for health reasons, and a misting of bread crumbs, rather than paprika, to the top.

I don't know what the deal is. I'm tired, crabby, and having lady troubles, complete with a huge zit on my chin. That might be why I cried three times during Hannah Montana yesterday and found Billy Ray Cyrus incredibly hot. (Cecily was mortified, especially when I broke out my version of "The Climb" in the car on the way home.)

And I just made Choux Gratin with Cheez Whiz and Campbell's soup. I'll let you know how it tastes. So far, the sauce makes me hopeful, especially the salty, spicy, 7-11 nachos vibe I'm getting from a bowl-lick.


Marni C. said...

Hey--I hope it works out. It just looked so tasty in the post. Sorry you're feeling crummy--you and I are in lady/moon-phase sync, btw. That's special. Take three deep breaths and look at the mountains. I wish I were there!

I'm off to study group w/Owen and Barbara.

Luisa said...

Lady troubles stink, especially when they make us tired and crabby and distort our perception of Billy Ray Cyrus. I hope you are feeling better. Did your spicy, salty scalloped cabbage hit the spot? I'd think anything with a 7-11 nacho vibe would do the trick.

Eva said...

Dude, Billy Ray is schmexy all day, all month long. Except, one time I saw him with a half pony tail. That was a trying day.
I liked the cheese whiz stuff, even if daddy couldn't handle it.